Know Your Audience

In many cases, incorporating nuance is a lot like my Exclusive Plum fireplace - a little goes a long way. That's not to say we will every shy from innovation - that's what makes us tick and, ultimately, why we get hired in the first place. The trick on our end is pulling back when the impulse is to go crazy with a new idea, figuring out how we can include the shiny stuff successfully, and still check off those very important boxes that resonate with a target audience.



Multitasking – Worth the Hype?

In a world that is time poor and information rich, we are quickly discovering that constant multitasking decreases productivity. In fact, you might consider it a bit of a modern day epidemic, but with a little game plan and self control, you can tackle it all.



Catching Up to a Dream

Today, I find myself standing on the “X,” a spot I’ve been mapping out for so long. I didn’t know what it would be called, or where I would be, but I knew I would get there. Now, I know that place as Proof - and today is my first day as a full-time employee.



You Can’t Know Everything

For more than 15 years, around 6 professionally, I've been making websites. My first website was a simple HTML page hosted by a service called Angelfire. The colors were loud, the animated GIFs were plentiful, and I loved it. I would work on my digital creation every chance I had. Being disconnected by a phone call in the middle of uploading an image was the ultimate frustration. "It can wait, grandma! This spinning mailbox has to go up tonight!"