How Much Does a Logo Cost?

How much does a logo cost? If the process, thoughtfulness, and intentionality – the "why" behind the "what" – is important to you, then an investment is just that – a strong investment, not simply a line-item expense.


Proof Branding

7 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Has A Badass Brand

For a brand to mirror its values outwardly, on an ongoing basis, is "Branding 101". But showcasing your personality to your target audience in unexpected, natural ways, is a little more complicated and worth its weight in gold. Taylor Swift (and, we're assuming, her entire staff) are aware of the latter. Giving her fans the tangible, behind-the-scenes Taylor Swift they crave has morphed into one strong, badass brand.


Auditory -01

Auditory Inspiration.

Whatever the mood strikes, music is, indeed, magic. It has the power to inspire the uninspired and inspire creativity when all feels lost. Today's post isn't a dissection of the complexity of sound, but rather, an encouragement to you, whoever you are, to allow yourself, from time to time, to get lost in your favorite album or perfect playlist.


widen your reach

Change Your Language To Widen Your Reach

It’s hard enough to speak to an audience you know, whether they’re repeat customers or your competitor’s fan base. You know their typical behaviors. You (should) know what they like, don’t like, and hope to see in the future. But what about the audience you’re desperately trying to sell but just won’t – for whatever reason – convert? The easiest way to attract them isn’t really easy at all.


Customer Intuition-01

Customer Intuition (Why Price Is Not The Issue)

When deciding to invest in your product or service, your customer’s highest priority is safety. Can I really trust that your solution will deliver for me? That being the case, any lack of confidence across the channels of your brand—your aesthetic, your environment, your people—will be felt by your prospects. Confidence is critical to branding success.