Do what you (mostly) love

Last week I had coffee with a small group of socially conscious entrepreneurs and innovators. We talked about challenges in fundraising/investing, marketing, and ultimately landed on the topic of blending passion and purpose and the somewhat tired mantra of "do what you love".



Your Brand Soundtrack

If I ask you, "What does your brand sound like?" - how would you respond? Not only the tone of the copy on your website, but the sounds people hear that associate with your brand. Your answer may be just as - if not more - important in identifying the emotional experience you create for your audience.



The Best Week for Beer in Nashville

We had the distinct pleasure of partnering up with the fine folks at Rhizome Productions on branding this year's Nashville Craft Beer Week. Of course, one of the highlights for us here at Proof was leading the first-ever East Nashville Home Brew Tour. Best Saturday workday ever.


Caley Newberry Photography |

We’re Stoke.d

Last week, we were lucky enough to spend the day at Stoke.d Project in their brand new Germantown location (shared with our friends at The Skillery). In addition to the overall cool vibe of the open, loft-like space, the “design thinking” theory behind Stoke.d is brilliant...and it works.



Adding another Matt to the mix

I'm not sure if it was the Geocities website (seen above), the love of craft beer, or the Mrs. Doubtfire reference that first caught my attention - but with their powers combined, it was almost fate that Matt and I met and it wasn't long after that I invited him to join the Proof team.