Aspiring to Be Small

Last week, we embarked on our Spring Vision Quest - a time of intensive exploration of the “how” and “why” we do our work. Specifically, we addressed the idea of “Aspiring to Be Small”. Proof Branding is a group of seven individuals, each with a distinct role. Our goal is to keep it that way, but how can a grow a company without growing in size? With new Moleskins in hand, we set out to find the answer, in ways only a small team can.



Experience + Confidence = Sold.

Love it or hate it, the sales pitch is part of everyone’s reality. Whether you’re looking for experience and confidence from a consumer’s perspective, or committing to making them part of your process as a brand, they're an important formula for success, from both sides of the table.



I’m Not Afraid to Die on the Treadmill.

I'm not the most talented. I'm not the smartest. And I'm definitely not the best looking. But I'll compete with the best of 'em when it comes to working hard. And that's how I do it. That's how we've done it as a company (because this philosophy rings true with every one of us). Through exhaustion, stress, frustration, elation, joy, challenges, and triumphs, I'm not - we're not - afraid to die on the treadmill.