Fearlessly Experiment.

As we close out 2014 and look at new opportunities in the year ahead, I implore you to fearlessly experiment. Your greatest accomplishments stem from your wild exploration and experimentation. Don't let the real world stifle the creative fire. Fearlessly experiment.


Brand Briefs

Brand Briefs: Tightly Packaged Nuggets of Wisdom

The holidays are around the corner, and Santa’s busy packing his sleigh. We’re giving him a helping hand by stuffing your stocking with briefs...brand briefs, that is. We’re sharing 18 tightly packaged nuggets of wisdom that will inspire, motivate, and/or otherwise entertain with everything from Kanye quips to color theory.



Brands We Love: Our Holiday Gift Guide

Nashville has one of the best support systems of local, handmade goods, and the products coming from its creatives make perfect holiday gifts. Since Proof calls Nashville home, and nothing warms our hearts more than folks who take their ideas and just go for it, we thought it fitting to highlight our local favorites.



Not Working Remotely? Your Excuses Aren’t Relevant Anymore.

When the capability of working remotely is on the table, you can hire the best—even if that means they’re halfway around the world. The “must be living in or around (insert your city)” is no longer a requirement. In fact, if you’re centrally located in a city that boasts having the best talent in your industry, there’s plenty of opportunity for your employees to move around.