When Should You Revise Your Strategy?

Sometimes it takes jarring loss to produce a significant win. It's easy to get jaded, and just plain ticked off, by losing (even if your competitive spirit is relatively tame). That's warranted and it's OK to sulk for a bit - we're human, after all - but life goes on (quickly). So, the next step is to review your failure, define your weakness, and revise your strategy. Where did you fall short? How you can become stronger? Do you need to reassess your goals? What is your competitor doing that is not currently part of your game plan?


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Strive To Be Great

Whether you fly airplanes full of people across the ocean or walk the neighbor’s dogs, someone is counting on you to do your job. If you aren’t confident in your skills, read up, take a class, attend a seminar, talk to an expert…strive to be better. And in actively pursuing a better quality of work, strive to be great.



What’s In A Slogan?

The funny thing about slogans is that they're so so simple, but the process of creating the right one for your company takes some elbow grease. Nailing down what you want your audience to do, what makes your approach different, and how to, ultimately, present something that's easy to latch onto isn't easy, but it's one big step in forming a cohesive identity for your brand.



Just Say No

Don’t justify yourself until you’re out of breath. If you’ve chosen to say no to coffee, a project, meetings, or an event, you have to believe that others will trust your judgment. And if they don’t, it was never worth your time in the first place.