How To Seize Equal Opportunity By Changing Your Language

As a woman who's worked for startups and small companies (where the oldest team member is often somewhere in their mid 30s), I never felt like "gender equality in the workplace" issues applied to me. After all, my coworkers and bosses have always been generations removed from the 50’s and 60’s workplace dynamic (think: Mad Men). But after reading Tara Mohr's Playing Big, I'm not so sure I was right.


Goals vs. Systems

Willpower is a Finite Resource.

Running a marathon may seem like an impossible task. Running for 30 minutes this morning? Not so bad. This idea of goals vs. systems isn't an entirely innovative one, but in a world that finds you and I driven by our big, hairy, audacious goals, it can be a real challenge to ignore the big picture in favor of small, manageable actions.