Why Multilingual Design Is a Must

Client communication is pivotal — it can make or break a design, and it can fuel or derail an entire team’s workflow. Clients know what they’re talking about, but as a creative team, it's on us to make sure we’re speaking their language fluently.



How Much Does a Logo Cost?

How much does a logo cost? If the process, thoughtfulness, and intentionality – the "why" behind the "what" – is important to you, then an investment is just that – a strong investment, not simply a line-item expense.


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7 Things I Wish I Knew As A First-Year Designer

When you reach that finishing line for any degree program or intense training, you should feel confident. But on the other side awaits a whole new bucket of game-changing learning moments. In my first year as a professional designer, I’ve learned some pretty important (and unexpected) lessons. Here are 7 things I wish I would have known when I started.



Mad Max’s Creative Junk

Here’s my sappy take away from a movie that’s anything but sappy. Sometimes creating something beautiful out of a seemingly worthless piece of junk (like Doof Warrior's double-necked, flame-throwing axe made from bedpans) keeps you going. Even in our own wastelands of stress, burnout, or fatigue, take a cue from Mad Max: work with what you've got and make something beautifully badass.


How Scenerios Add Value to Your Brand-01

How Scenarios Add Value To Your Brand

It’s easy to dodge or get annoyed at questions that challenge your brand’s offerings. But remember that these daunting, “What’s the point?” questions come from potential customers. So, paint them a picture. Invite them into your world. Show them why you're worth it.


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The Lost Cause of Perfection.

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank cursor blinking back at you on the screen, held back from writing the first word because you can't seem to find the right way to add your final period? I have more times than I can count.