Are You Using Your Inspiration?

How often do you stare at a to-do list and just try to check off the items as fast you can? It's not easy to step back and bring your opinion to the table. It might get messy. It might alter the timeline. It might be risky. But it's worth it.



Proofie 2014 Holiday Wish List

We're starting our holiday wish lists early here at Proof. We know, we know. It's only September! BUT we're seeing all of these cool new gadgets that we reeeeallly want. Recently, we touched on the marvels of retail strategy and how it works to capture our attention as we ease into the cooler months.



It’s Time – Strategy Forward and Backward

While I'm not quite ready to think about a Halloween costume , retail buyers and strategists have just completed their seasonal masterpieces. I've always been fascinated that they can sync their brains to the hottest trends for a holiday six months (or even a year) in advance. To them, it's just another day in the office and how they MUST work in order to make sure anticipated sales - pre-season, in-season, and (especially) last-minute - fall precisely into place.