Flat Design: Fad or New Standard?

In the past year, we’ve seen a rise in the flat design trend in website and app development. While some argue it’s a fad, Webdesigner Depot reports that 68% of web professionals believe flat design is here to stay. We’re taking a closer look at what it offers, as well as potential challenges it must overcome.


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Goal-Driven Design

As a creative firm, we undoubtedly get plenty of folks who contact us looking for “better” design. As a branding company, we do our best to set up clients with something that looks better - but most importantly - works better This process of involves educating clients as to what “better” really means.



Are You Using Your Inspiration?

How often do you stare at a to-do list and just try to check off the items as fast you can? It's not easy to step back and bring your opinion to the table. It might get messy. It might alter the timeline. It might be risky. But it's worth it.