You Can Create Art Anywhere

You do not need an new iPad in order to get to work. Unless you have no computer, you don't need the newest laptop. The thing standing in the way of you and your next huge business idea isn't the lack of tools. It's the lack of your energy and will to get to work.

If you're itching to do something really beautiful, something that makes your soul sing, anything can be your canvas. Creating something that matters only requires the materials you cobble together and your determined spirit to forge your gorgeous something out of nothing.

Michaelangelo had a ceiling, Banksy has concrete walls, Oprah had airtime on a local radio show. The work of genius that leads to success often starts when people look at what they have and get busy.

Pick up your brush.

Photo credit: Rob Williams

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  • Hi! I am an artist…. my brush is at the ready! I like your attitude, and reading your blog was just what the doctor ordered. I am open for business and my business is illustration, ALL styles, yes, really, and concepts, I have more ideas than I know what to do with, photography, retouching, make up, fine art, copy writing….. you name it, I can do it. I have a very keen eye, notice everything and feel it too. Also do courtroom sketching. In other words, can work under pressure and enjoy it. Need help? Call me at 203 506-2507 or email me at

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