Launch is an
branding package

for those ready to
take one giant step
toward making their
dreams a reality.

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If your application is accepted, our team will bring you to Nashville and put our collective branding genius to work for you. When we're done, you'll have all the tools you need do big, awesome, wonderful things with your brand. Consider this your countdown.


your good idea
into a great one


a tangible masterpiece
of your vision


an engaging, smart,
memorable brand


your new business
into the stratosphere

Have a bigger mission?

Launch is for…

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Passionate people with a dream
  • Those willing to do whatever it takes
  • Anyone fed up with the "status quo"

Launch is not for…

  • Folks toying with an idea
  • Anyone unready to commit
  • Those afraid to work hard
  • People opposed to being awesome

What's Included?

(and how much does it cost?)

  • Understanding Your Branding Workshop in Nashville (travel & accommodations included)
  • Custom logo design for your new business
  • Memorable and engaging 5-10 page website
  • Two dynamic pieces of print collateral (business cards, snazzy brochure, etc.)
  • "Launch plan" to help you navigate the first 12 months of your new venture
  • For more information on all included items, please click here.

you get all of this for


Apply Now

In other words, everything you need to turn your dream idea into a reality.