Weekend Reading: 02.26.2011

Weekend Reading: 02.26.2011

Happy weekend to you all. From all of us here at Proof, we hope you’ve had a great week. As a reward for being as awesome as you are, we’ve once again gathered some of the best from around the web for you to enjoy. So, enjoy!

  • Authenticity is King Because Branding Bores Everyone: As much as I hate the word “Authenticity” (only because it’s been abused to death) – this article is SPOT ON, citing the “new conditions for brand success” as 1) Delivering kick ass product and 2) Honesty. Amen.
  • A Penny for your Thoughts: JCPenny unveiled their new logo this week (without causing a social media uproar). I like the new look – nothing innovative, but an improvement over the old. What do you think?
  • Brevity Rules: Chris Brogan has a great piece up on Entrepreneur.com about the benefits of brevity – staying concise with your thoughts on the web. I wrote about something similar this week in my discussion on Seth Godin and how he’s able to say a lot without really saying a lot. Are you spending a ton of time crafting emails and writing blogs? Push yourself to get your point across quicker and clearer.
  • 7 Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Bring in New Clients: Freelance Folder has a good article on how to improve your website’s effectiveness in converting clients. One of the things we’re up in the air about is publishing rates vs. saving that for personal discussion. What are your thoughts on being open with your rates? What’s your argument for/against putting them on your company’s website?
  • Cool find of the week: DesignersMX – A couple of our fellow Nashvillans kick-started this awesome project that proves designers are not only good at, well designing things, they also have pretty good taste in music.

What were some of the best things you read this week?

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