Brand Designer: A Day In the Life

Creatives and designers like me can be pretty particular about their workspace and environment. We need to keep things fresh and looks for inspiration all around us, and while I don’t need the fanciest, most over-the-top office space to get work done and be creative, there are a few things I must have to enjoy a smooth and productive work day.

A Clean Desk

I never like to start the day off unorganized. I try to keep the items on my desk in their place and out of the way to avoid the hassle of finding room for my iPad, sketchbook, or laptop. Less time to clean up means more time to be creative!

Windows & Good Lighting

Us designers are in front of screens for more than half the day, so having a window nearby gives my brain and eyes a chance to reset. Plus, you never know if something outside might inspire a current project you are working on!

Proof Branding

Being In a Collaborative Space

I’m not constantly speaking to someone when working with others, but just knowing I have fellow designers and thinkers around brings me comfort knowing they’re available to provide quick feedback or to answer a question. I love bouncing ideas off of other people with hopes to see a different POV – it always helps to think outside of the box.


Since I’m extremely active, most of the time I am hungry for something. I can’t work while hungry, so having a workplace that is well-stocked with snacks or even places nearby that I can grab food from is always a plus.


I really enjoy having a bulletin board to pin anything and everything that brings me happiness when I come across it. I love putting random printouts or images I found up on a board. Getting off the computer and having something more tactile is a fun change up and as you add to the board, it turns into a fun little collage.

Proof Branding


I think this might be one of my most stressed topics. No one wants to deal with a co-worker that is cranky or in a bad mood. Positivity and encouragement is what helps great businesses thrive! I am highly influenced by peoples’ attitudes so I try my best to take it with a grain of salt if they are in a bad mood. Most times, a few nice words is all they need to turn their day around.

At Proof, we’re nothing if not collaborative. Having an open, honest workspace that inspires creativity and allows for flexibility leads to doing my – and our – best work. 💪

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