Developing A Custom Print For Our Holiday Party

Each year we love giving our clients and friends something unique for the holidays. In years past, we’ve given out Free Beer (with custom labels) in collaboration with Fat Bottom Brewing as well as sleek, branded rocks glasses. They’re not always alcohol related — just most of the time…

This year we wanted to give our guests a custom print, something that they’d want to hang in their homes! I was tasked with creating something unique! We wanted to create something inspired by the 1920s art deco style, since our holiday party ushered in the 20s decade (2020). I decided to create this nouveau style art piece — and let me tell you, it was such a joy to develop. Here were my steps!

1. Digitally create compositional layout skeleton.

2. Print out composition skeleton and roughly lay out subject details.

3. Draw isolated sketches of female subject and floral garden using a light board, atop the composition skeleton. This allows for accurate placement of the figure in proximity to the piece as a whole.

4. Scan in sketches and digitize them! Clean up sketch and smooth out points.

5. Place digitized female onto of the composition, and design typography and aesthetic flourishes around the figure. Begin adding white fill color where necessary.

6. Place digitized flower garden to balance the composition.

7. Begin overlapping some elements and using clipping masks on others to simplify and balance the composition.

8. Create cocktail glass and wallpaper texture patterns.

9. Add texture to the entire composition.

10. Make minor adjustments, and prepare the file for 2 color screen printing.