Dissecting a Bad Blog Pitch

If you manage a blog of even little notoriety you’ve probably gotten e-mails from complete strangers asking for permission to guest post, exhange links, etc. Usually it’s in broken English and they’re linking back to insurance, free ipods, you name it.

Yesterday I must have hit the jackpot as I received three very similar pitches. Now, blogger outreach is something that can, if done correctly, be great for your own blog or business. Emphasis on “if done correctly”.

So today I’m breaking down one of the pitches I received yesterday – the names and links are left out as I have no desire to use this as a springboard to call anyone out.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Here’s where I stop reading. If you haven’t taken the time to at least find my name and copy it into your pitches template…Come on man!

We have been reading the articles on your website and are very impressed with the quality of your information.

[Insert generic complement that may or may not have anything to do with your blog or website] Every bad pitch has them. If you’re going to throw out a compliment, make it genuine, do a little bit of research, and prove that you know what you’re talking about.

We have a team of copywriters who specialize in writing articles on various topics and would like to write an original article for you to use on your website – this article will not be used anywhere else on the Internet.

I call BS on this one. Suffice to say this article will be used and re-used over and over again to any sucker who actually agrees to post. For reference, though, and it goes without saying – don’t send the same post to 10 different bloggers. Your post should be unique and customized to the blogger’s audience and community. Be smart about this.

In exchange all we ask is that we can have one or two links within the body of the article back to one of our sites.

Most important take-away? Never ASK for links. Do something worth-while and noteworthy and I’ll link to you. Prove to me that you spent some time in your pitch and in your subsequent blog post and I’ll be more than happy to send people your way. Otherwise, stop wasting everyone’s time.

Bonus tip? Build a relationship with the blogger your pitching before you send a pitch – blindly sending out pitches to people you’ve never said a word to usually results in your e-mail going in the trash.

What’s the worst blogger pitch you’ve ever received? What has worked well when you’ve reached out to other bloggers?