Drinking the Proof Lemonade.

Starting the week focused on client work is something we’re all used to, but do you ever kick it off concentrating on yourself or the team? At Proof, we have six core values that we stand by. All are important through our day-to-day lives, in and out of the office; but we go further than just hanging them on our wall or including it in our playbook, we choose one to acknowledge each week.

At kickoff meetings on Monday, we’ve introduced Value Vision. This is when we take a few minutes to talk through one particular value, swap stories from weeks past about how it impacted us, and then discuss how to apply it to our work that week.

For example, this week we’re focused on “Being Honest.” To us, being honest means communicating truthfully about anything and everything, and doing so early and often. Most importantly, it’s about being direct with our clients, and welcoming that directness from them throughout the creative process. Having this open dialogue, not only throughout the team but to clients strengthens bonds and cultivates long-lasting relationships.

By highlighting positive examples when a team member came through to help tag-team a project, or how a client is ecstatic about the work we did, leads to better office vibes which lead to better production. Taking a few minutes to remember these instilled values that have guided Proof for over ten years keeps us centered. Drinking the Proof lemonade may seem like a sour and outdated phrase, but when truly applied the outcome is oh so sweet.

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