Legal Approving Your Tweets? You’re Doing it Wrong

It happens more often than you think. I’m presenting at a conference or meeting with a potential client. The good ideas are flowing. People are excited. And then:

“That’s a great idea for how we can reach a new audience and grow quickly! But wait. Legal has to read and approve all of our social media posts. It could still work, but our messages will be delayed by several hours. Can it still work like we want it?”


I understand the need for organizations and people to protect themselves in what has become a very litigious society. When lawsuits and form letters can arrive easily to scare anyone from saying anything, people think twice (or thrice) about what they say when saying it 140 characters at a time. But should you?

While risk management is something to consider, I also challenge people in these conversations to consider how offensive or misguided their messages could really be. Is saying “Come to our event – we’re giving away a free cruise!” going to have you on the evening news? Is writing “What are some of your favorite ice cream flavors?” cause for legal action?

Probably not. Actually, definitely not.

Social media is inherent with risk. So are fraternities. And driving. And love. But you do it anyway because the upside is way greater than the downside.

If you want to grow and be a part of the conversation, don’t have your legal team handcuff you to communication standards that are so 1999. Be fast. Be kind.

You’ll be fine.

Buy your lawyer a drink and toast to us. She could use a break.