Listen: Finely Crafted Season 3.

Matt Cheuvront Patrick Copeland

A few years ago we started a podcast called Finely Crafted, where we tell the stories and talk to interesting business owners, creative professionals, and brilliant minds, about their brands, and about how “storytelling” can be, and is, such a critical component to the success of any strong brand and business.

“Finely Crafted” in it of itself has become an unofficial tagline for us at Proof over the years, and after taking a break from the podcast game these past couple years, Patrick and I are back with Season 3. This season, we had some great conversations with some of the best and brightest in our hometown of Nashville.

  • We chatted with Megan and Gabi from I Saw the Sign about turning their craft of hand-painting and illustration into a career.
  • We spoke with Doy Gardner, owner of Black 13 Tattoo Parlor, about breaking down brand perceptions within your industry.
  • We had a discussion with Brian Hickman, Creative Director of Education and Local Honey, a local salon that’s been through a significant brand evolution since its inception.
  • We chatted with our friend Cody from Five Points Pizza about creating a brand culture that feels like family.
  • We discussed Fat Bottom Brewing’s focus on quality and the importance of listening to your customers with Zach Easterwood.
  • We sipped beer and chatted with Lauren Egge, owner and founder of Noka Supply Co. about creating a product that’s both practical and innovative.
  • And finally, we spoke with Andy Nelson about Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery’s rich history and the importance of sharing the history of your company as a key selling point for a product.

All in all, we loved every moment of every conversation this season, and we hope you will too. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (you probably won’t cry), and you’ll learn a thing or two you can put into practice with your own business.

You can kick off Season 3 with our intro episode here, and listen to all episodes on iTunes and/or on the Finely Crafted website. Enjoy!

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