Looking Ahead To 2020 Emerging Design Trends

It’s the start of a new decade, an exciting time in the ever-changing world of graphic design. Much like everything else in our fast-paced world, the new year signals a time for designers to approach their work with fresh thinking as they reimagine the visual landscape that will begin to define the era. So as we move into 2020, what are the emerging design trends we should keep an eye on?

1. Geometric Designs

Simplicity in design will be a primary focus of the design community as we move into the new decade. Geometric designs looks simple at first, but they involve intricate detail to craft a composition that feels balanced and conveys the correct meaning. While flat design still remains supreme, some designers are combining both angular and organic shapes to create simple geometric compositions that create the illusion of depth. These designs are still based on simple shapes and geometry, but manage to feel organic and realistic.

2. Metals and Liquids

As we move into 2020, metallic details and liquid shapes are at the height of design trends and are predicted to remain a consistent element in design through the next decade. As opposed to the rigid design of geometric compositions, liquid shapes suggest agility and movement, which creates a friendly and engaging visual aesthetic that many brands are leveraging as we move into the new year. In combination with liquids, metallic materials have already been established as a trend in 2019 for branding and product design. The use of metallics convey luxury and sophistication, bringing a tactile quality to both print and digital objects.

3. 3D Objects

As a rebuttal to the popularity of flat minimalism, 2020 is sure to continue the trend of abstract 3D forms as a prominent element in design. The new innovations in software technology have made it easier for designers to create 3D renderings and objects, which is helping to drive this trend. The depth and realism created by the use of dimension helps to engage the audience and creates a truly immersive visual aesthetic, especially when used in combination with animation or other photo realistic design elements.

4. Realism and Flat Design Elements

It’s true that opposites attract. Creating dimension in design will continue to be a trend, as designers combine real life objects in combination with flat visual elements. This approach creates something truly unexpected, experimenting with an unconventional mixture of techniques. Designers combine photo elements in a collage-type manner with flat illustrations, patterns, and shapes. Images are left with stark outlines, mixing together elements that don’t seem to belong in the same universe, like photography and illustrations.

While the only solid prediction we can make for design in 2020 is that anything is possible, we know that the year to come will be about creating beautiful compositions from differing elements: combining the geometric and organic, incorporating tactile elements to create movement and depth, and combining realism with the two-dimensional. This next decade is off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see how design and branding will continue to evolve.