On The Importance of Research.

There’s a fine line between doing what you think is best versus what you know is best. The creative environment that we live and work in, one that involves planning, iterating, sketching, designing, brainstorming, editing, and developing, has plenty of room for subjectivity, and it’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing what you already know, rather than pushing yourself to try something new.

At Proof, we’re in the business of pushing ourselves, and more importantly our clients, toward new approaches and ideas – getting them out of the “this is what everyone else is doing so we should be doing it too” mindset and into a thoughtful space that pushes boundaries and establishes leadership.

But let’s get real for a minute. It’s a heck of a lot easier to pull from the resources you already have, the ideas you’ve already developed, and the approach that’s been taken in the past. It takes exponentially more effort to redefine your process and approach and to come up with innovative design solutions that can only be found if you take the time to step out of your own way, and dedicate time to researching, thinking, and breathing.

What you think (what you already know) is usually faster, easier, and comes naturally because you already know how it works. The question: “Does it work best?” That’s what we’re in search of. That’s our mission as creative professionals. And you can’t answer that question if you haven’t taken the time to step outside your comfort zone.

What you know, what you’ve researched, eliminates subjectivity and grounds itself in research and data. Guaranteed results are hardly ever a reality, but supporting recommendations with research, statistics, and time invested in the process is what we push ourselves to do each day here at Proof.

  • Our messaging and campaign development work is supported by an in-depth kickoff process, market/audience research, and analysis of the competitive market.
  • Our design work is well-researched, vetted, and discussed internally at the earliest of the stages of the creative process, well before we show the client anything.
  • Our Web design and development work is tested thoroughly internally and with each client to ensure things not only look great and work well but drive users to desired calls to action.

None of this requires the perfect mind or an innovative way of thinking. All it involves is simply allowing yourself to think differently, to open your eyes and your mind, and welcome what research and evidence tell you to do, instead of relying on your initial gut instinct.

Is this the best solution? Is this the best it can be? If you can’t answer these questions with near 100% confidence, spend more time testing, researching, iterating, and developing. Push yourself away from “I think” and toward “I know”.

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