Passion Wavers, Brands Endure

Last week at Proof Branding HQ we hosted a fantastic Triple B focused on the entrepreneurial spirit. Days later, one idea has really stuck, and it’s something that all of us will probably encounter at some point or another.

We frequently talk about, tweet about, and read blogs about the importance of passion. It’s what separates us from the generations before us and what drives us to wake up each morning. More than ever before, passion is what defines our work.

But what happens when that passion starts to fade? What happens when we know we’re passionate about something, but we don’t feel like we’re passionate about it? What happens when the exceptional becomes ordinary?

Brett Henley, writer and author of i am convicted, had a great answer: You press on.

The answer isn’t in soul-searching or redefining your work; it’s in being consistent and trusting yourself. You will go through seasons of uncertainty and doubt, and at times you will feel disengaged. But that doesn’t mean you’re off track.

When you’ve built something you believe in, you can always fall back on that certainty. That’s the beauty of a brand. Packaged with your logo, website, mission statement, and marketing strategy is a confidence that everything was created intentionally, with deliberate care and attention to detail.

It was created with a passion that will endure.

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