Today’s customer actively seeks out brands that they can relate to and respect. Having a strong brand, one that resonates with your customers and clients, is critical to ensuring your business stands out.

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Crew Home offers versatile tools that help DIY-ers, everyday kitchen creatives, and seasoned professionals enjoy fast and fun at-home mixology experiences. Through full-proof recipes, resources, and user-friendly tools, Crew brings people together by nurturing a community of nimble enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to try new things. Together, we partnered on developing Crew’s B2B and B2C/Retail brands, and have been enjoying our lives as DIY mixologists ever since.

How We Helped

Since 2019, we have partnered alongside the Crew team to develop brands for both Crew Supply Co. (B2B) and Crew Home (B2C/Retail). Our work has focused on developing memorable brand assets that speak directly to two diverse consumer groups. While Crew Supply leans into the product features and functionality, Crew Home inspires adventure and curiosity amongst aspiring mixologists. Together, the brands unite to create a memorable and distinct message and aesthetic that welcomes everyone to the party.

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Crew Supply Co Brand System
Crew Supply Co Brand Guidelines Book
Crew Supply Co Color Guidelines Variation

Loved in Tennessee and across the southeast, Fat Bottom Brewing makes beers that are bigger and bolder than what you’re used to. Crafted in a variety of styles from around the world and proudly brewed in Nashville, Tennessee. We partnered together during a pivotal time in the brewery’s growth, working to redefine the Fat Bottom brand and image, translating to a full-service multi-year branding partnership that involved award-winning product naming/design, packaging, web, and promotional materials.

How We Helped

We worked with Fat Bottom to refine their brand and image and translate that to a comprehensive branding partnership that involved product naming/design, packaging, web, and promotional materials. With new products and packaging, Fat Bottom’s new website is a confident reflection of their renewed focus and future growth, and new promotional materials extend the brand as it expands locally, regionally, and nation-wide.

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“Working with Matt and the Proof Branding team has been an incredible experience. They’re professional with a personal touch, and their design work speaks for itself. Communication was easy, and the work was always done on time. I highly recommend Proof for any branding or design project needs.”
— Drew Yeager, Directory of Brewery Operations

Levy Restaurants opened its doors in 1978 in Chicago, and since then, has grown rapidly, owning 10 restaurants, and providing excellent food service to over 100 stadiums nation-wide with staff surpassing 30,000 employees and company revenues surpassing $4 billion. From Michelin-starred restaurants to 100,000-seat stadiums, Levy’s intentionality to a focus on “experience” shines through in everything they do. Proof partnered with Levy through a rebranding and creative partnership that focused on respecting the past, building on the present, and planning for the future.

How We Helped

Subtle updates to the company name, tone/voice, and logo/visual identity, paired with comprehensive brand standards and a new, much-improved website and online presence rounded out our experience with Levy. The company is now well-equipped with consistent brand standards that transcend all areas of the company, ensuring consistency throughout the organization and successful long-term growth.

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Levy Logo Sketches Concepts
Levy Business Cards
“Levy was recently named one of the top 500 companies in America to work for according to Forbes. As the company continues to grow, Levy has never lost sight of its commitment to company culture and belief that a strong brand is backed by a hard-working and enthusiastic team.”
— Forbes, America’s Best Employers 2017


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