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  • Website
  • Promotional Materials

Compass East offers immersive, insightful finance and accounting solutions for leaders and businesses. At a time of company growth and expansion, Proof partnered with the Compass East team on a comprehensive rebranding effort, including logo/visual identity design, collateral design, and website development.

Compass East delivers accounting and financial solutions for growing businesses with a personal, approachable touch. In what is typically a dry and sterile industry, Compass East is equipped with a distinct and memorable brand that ensures they’ll both walk the walk and talk the talk, positioning them for exponential growth into the future.

“Proof was able to turn our vision into a reality. As finance and accounting experts, we’re not exactly skilled creatives. We had worked with several marketing companies before finding Proof. The biggest difference was that Proof was able to do everything we needed – from strategy to website development to branding and design. Proof’s hard work shows in the resulting unified look and messaging of the Compass East brand.”

— Dan McCarthy, Co-Founder & President at Compass East


The new Compass East website focuses directly on the client and potential client(s), clearly articulating the client journey through each step of the comprehensive Compass East process and partnership. The outcome is a website that clearly articulates the company’s purpose, mission, vision, and services offered.


To further support the Compass East brand and to ensure consistency in the visual identity at every touchpoint, we developed engaging collateral pieces including case study one-sheets, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and folders. Compass East has everything the need to continuing doing their important work.