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Loved and collected across the east south-central region, Fat Bottom Brewing makes beers that are bigger and sexier than what you’re used to. Crafted in a variety of styles from around the world and proudly brewed in Nashville, Tennessee. We partnered together during a pivotal time in the brewery’s growth, working to redefine the Fat Bottom brand and image, translating to a full-service branding partnership that involved product naming/design, packaging, web, and promotional materials.

Fat Bottom opened the doors of their new brewery in February 2017 with a refined, renewed brand. We took the lead on designing award-winning product packaging for the brewery’s four flagship beers, naming/packaging for their seasonal beers, and naming/packaging for their high-gravity beer line, The Tempest. With new products and packaging, Fat Bottom’s new website is a confident reflection of their renewed focus and future growth, and their new promotional materials extend the brand as it expands locally, regionally, and nationally — positioning Fat Bottom as a distinct brand that fiercely stands out among the crowded craft beer scene.

2017 Gold ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Flagship”
2017 Gold ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Seasonal”
2018 Gold ADDY Packaging “FB Brewing – Two Piece”

2017 Silver ADDY Packaging “FB Brewing – Icebreaker”
2017 Silver ADDY Packaging Packaging “FB Brewing – Ruby”
2017 Silver (Regional) ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Seasonal”
2017 Silver (Regional) ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Flagship”
2018 Silver ADDY Packaging “FB Brewing – Icebreaker”
2018 Silver ADDY Packaging “FB Brewing – W.A.C.”
2018 Silver ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Seasonal”
2018 Silver ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Flagship”
2019 Silver ADDY Packaging Campaign “FB Brewing – Tempest”
2019 Silver ADDY “Integrated Brand Campaign”

fat bottom beer in glasses

“Working with Matt and the Proof Branding team has been an incredible experience. They’re professional with a personal touch, and their design work speaks for itself. Communication was easy, and the work was always done on time. I highly recommend Proof for any branding or design project needs.”

— Drew Yeager, Directory of Brewery Operations


Our brand development work with Fat Bottom champions the unique profile of each beer. The first step was getting to the core of what makes Fat Bottom truly unique: bolder, sexier beers developed in a variety of styles and using ingredients that make the taste of each brew distinct.

Our packaging rebrand of the Fat Bottom flagship beers continued the focus on a prominent female figure in a vintage setting reflective of the beer’s namesake. Our work on the seasonal line of brews, both in naming and design, continued the flirty, fun focus with designs that reflect each season in a fun and nostalgic way. Finally, The Tempest. Ah, the Tempest. This high-gravity line of sour and barrel-aged brews is intentionally a step in a very experimental and independent direction — with names and a style that reflects the unorthodox female game-changers after which they are named.





The Fat Bottom website is a reflection of the brewery’s bold approach. Our focus was to successfully profile each beer and create a platform for Fat Bottom’s new brewery space which also includes The Hop Yard, a full-service restaurant and taproom; and The Reserve, a 3,000 square foot private event space. The new website establishes a strong platform for the brewery both now and for years to come.


As Fat Bottom continues to expand locally, regionally, and across the country, so has our work with developing sales and marketing materials for the brewery. Through the years, we’ve designed and developed everything from engaging sales booklets, development of a branded kiosk located in Nashville’s airport, apparel/merchandise, and event signage and collateral. Our efforts ensure Fat Bottom’s brand is consistent at every touchpoint and holds its place as a memorable, distinguishable brand in a noisy category.

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