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Oh, you didn’t think good pizza could come out of Nashville, Tennessee? Since opening in Nashville several years ago, Five Points Pizza has become a staple in the local community offering hot pizza and cold beer in a warm neighborhood setting. As the business opened its second West Side location as part of an overall expansion, Proof partnered to develop brand collateral and designed/developed a new website complete with online ordering capabilities and e-commerce functionality. Now you can get the best pizza in town from anywhere. Yes, even there.

Featured in local and national publications, and voted as the best pizza in Nashville 6 years in a row, Five Points Pizza has established itself as the go-to destination for authentic, NY-style pies in the south. Their business continues to grow and expand, increasing momentum and feeding hungry locals across town, which is sure to continue for years and years to come. Equipped with consistent brand collateral, menus, and a new and improved digital presence, Five Points Pizza is set up to gather customers and provide them with a memorable, enjoyable experience. We’re excited to proceed our partnership as they continue to grow and spread the joy of pizza.

“The new Five Points Pizza website is a game-changer for us. It was wonderful working with the talented group of designers at Proof, who worked diligently and creatively to understand the practical necessities and construct the aesthetic wishes we had for our website and overall brand as they carried this through to in-store displays and menus, equipping us with a confident and consistent brand that we’re proud to share with the Nashville community.”

— Jonathan Rainville, Manager at Five Points Pizza


We carefully designed the Five Points Pizza website to follow the pizzeria’s crave-worthy offerings and fun, dynamic character. A highly-functional, simple site with an immediate menu view, intuitive navigation, and an online ordering option. We focused the bold, vibrant design on delicious food photography, striking black & white photos, and simple iconography. But above all, we wanted the new website to serve as a clear representation of what you’ll find when you walk into one of their shops — high energy, smiling faces, and people getting their chow-on. This new place on the web is sure to serve the brand well for years to come as they continue to grow.