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Levy Restaurants opened its doors in 1978 in Chicago, and since then, has grown rapidly, owning 10 restaurants, and providing excellent food service to over 100 stadiums nation-wide with staff surpassing 30,000 employees and company revenues surpassing $4 billion. From Michelin-starred restaurants to 100,000-seat stadiums, Levy’s intentionality to a focus on “experience” shines through in everything they do. Proof partnered with Levy through a rebranding and creative partnership that focused on respecting the past, building on the present, and planning for the future.

Our work with Levy built upon positive momentum the company has experienced in recent history to create a brand that is more reflective of the businesses wide array of services and focus areas. Subtle updates to the company name, tone/voice, and logo/visual identity, paired with comprehensive brand standards and a new, much improved website and online presence rounded out our experience with Levy. The company is now well-equipped with consistent brand standards that transcend all areas of the company, ensuring consistency throughout the organization and successful long-term growth.

“Levy was recently named one of the top 500 companies in America to work for according to Forbes. As the company continues to grow, Levy has never lost sight of its commitment to company culture and belief that a strong brand is backed by a hard-working and enthusiastic team.”

— Forbes, America's Best Employers 2017


Our work largely focused first on understand the company’s history, how Levy had grown from the original Chicago deli to a world-wide food service leader, and how the audience demographic evolved over the years. With a strong grasp on the who, what, and why, we developed subtle updates to the company name (shifting away from “Restaurants” and championing “Levy”), along with building a new visual identity brand system – one that reflects Levy’s future growth into a variety of markets, while being intentional about never losing sight of the past and what got them to where they are. The revised Levy brand honors the original old-world style with bold imagery, illustration, and an updated color palette that feels fresh, distinct, and most importantly, visually articulates the brand’s commitment to creativity and unique, memorable food and hospitality experiences.