• Brand Strategy
  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Messaging
  • Website
  • Promotional Materials
  • Truck/Vehicle Wrap

The Mac Shack creators, Jeremy and Kayla, are out to transform their favorite side dish, mac & cheese, into a delicious, creative main course, offering a variety of fully loaded mac & cheese bowls and unique fusion dishes. In a highly competitive market, we partnered with The Mac Shack from concept to creation, designing the company’s logo, website, collateral, and vehicle.

When The Mac Shack came to us, they had a brilliant idea without a developed brand. We worked collaboratively to provide The Mac Shack with a bold and memorable logo and visual identity, website, and worked together to develop collateral and signage, while consulting on the company’s truck (a custom-built tiny home) design. They now have everything they need to hit the ground running, and are quickly on their way to becoming a Nashville staple.

“Proof was able to take our vision and bring it to life with a stunning logo, brand, and seamless website. They’ve been an incredible resource who will help you in any way you need. Proof Branding is an award-winning company, and they surely have won us over. We will continue our business with them and will maintain a strong brand and relationship.”

— Jeremy Nicholson, Owner at The Mac Shack


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