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Morristown Fitness has developed into a powerful community of individuals that push themselves physically and mentally to achieve optimal fitness results. Led by an excellent team of professionally-trained coaches, we partnered with this growing business through a full rebrand — logo, website, print, message, and physical space.

With a confident brand that’s reflective of the gym’s supportive community, Morristown Fitness (better known as Motown), is well-equipped with a new logo and visual identity, website, social media templates, and suite of marketing materials and apparel that will serve the brand well now and long-term. We remain active partners with owners Karianne and Bill Anthes as the brand continues to grow.


“From our first phone conversation, all the way through rebranding efforts and after project completion, we’ve been impressed by Proof. The Proof team is professional, fun, and extremely good at what they do. The team demonstrated 100% commitment to understanding our brand by jumping right in and participating in an intense exercise class. While this might be dismissed as ‘part of the job,’ to my wife and I, it was the ultimate form of commitment. They’ve done an amazing job of guiding us, the impact has been amazing. We’re in the business of changing lives for the good, and are so happy to have the Proof team along for the ride with us.”

— Bill Anthes, Co-Owner at Morristown Fitness


The Morristown Fitness website is a bold reflection of the brand’s physical space and gym experience. Our goal was to create an experience that feels like an energized, committed community from the moment you land on the homepage. Including membership functionality and information about classes was key, while making the user feel like they’ve walked into the gym was priority one.


Our continued and ongoing efforts to support the Morristown Fitness brand have resulted in a comprehensive suite of marketing materials and branded apparel, shirts, mailers, signage, print/digital advertising and marketing collateral – ensuring the brand has everything they need to support their community spirit and future growth.