Setting Up A Beverage Startup For Long-Term Brand Success.

  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Website Design & Development
  • Packaging & Promotional Materials

Pompette (meaning “tipsy” in French) is the first premium hard sparkling water served in a shareable, resealable glass bottle. With 5% alcohol and four refreshing flavors, Pompette will transport you to a Mediterranean beach in just a few sips. The Pompette team came to us with the product, name, and rough design — we brought everything together to tell a strong story across digital and print.

In just a few days, we took an alcoholic beverage concept and product and brought it to life with lifestyle-inspired brand standards, clear messaging, a fresh new website, attractive packaging, and promotional collateral so Pompette could courageously launch into the competitive alcoholic beverage market as a professional brand who knows who they are and where they’re going.

Kate Bock Pompette

“Proof designed our logo, packaging, and website, giving us a comprehensive brand to enter the market. Since working together, we’ve increased distribution on the east coast with tons of growth opportunity ahead of us.”

— Jeremy Smith, Owner/Founder

From hues to icon-style — we made sure every visual touchpoint was accompanied with a splash of Meditteranean living and an effervescent pep to speak to the target audience day-dreaming tendencies and the beverage category tribe behavior. The cheerful color palette, traditional serif font balanced with a clean and modern serif, illustrative iconography, a simple yet sophisticated primary logotype supplemented with a chic secondary badge—optimized for the product cap and bottle packaging—makes for an incredibly bespoke, refreshing brand identity.


An optimized sitemap, engaging animation elements, beachy lifestyle photography, clear section breaks, and intentional messaging tell the Pompette story and take the user by the hand to learn more and find local distribution near you.




Sharp business cards and striking letterhead ensure the Pompette team will make a lasting impression, while promotional product brochures help seal the deal with buyers nationwide. Since partnering with Proof, Pompette has signed on Sports Illustrated model and entrepreneur Kate Bock as their Brand Ambassador, who recently quoted in PRNewswire with saying, “I’m always looking for natural, clean, better-for-you alternatives that taste great. The moment I opened my first bottle of Pompette, I knew this was a unique brand that I wanted to team up with. I cannot wait to share my passion and work with Pompette!” 

Kate Bock Pompette