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Siloam Health serves Nashville’s uninsured, underserved, and culturally marginalized. Their patients and clients come from over 80 homelands and speak more than 70 languages. When we partnered with Siloam Health, they had a developed brand that needed a strong strategy to support it.

Using their existing brand standards, we built a website with a focus on user experience. With three unique, defined audiences — donors, volunteers, and patients — each from significantly different backgrounds and needs, it was crucial to design a website that was inviting, informative, and inclusive for diverse user-experience. Expanding a cohesive and consistent brand across purposeful collateral for programming, events, and overall mission was key to achieving their goals of increased awareness and reach, improved fundraising efforts, and easily accessible patient information.


When designing Siloam’s website, we focused on using immersive photography paired with bright colors to convey Siloam Health’s people-first approach. Specific call outs and direct brand messaging guides users through Siloam’s mission, services, and successes. Looping hero videos bring a warmth to the site from the moment you land on it. As a nonprofit health care organization, it was important to design a site that allowed for statistics and data to seamlessly integrate into the story. Using eye-catching colors and bold typography makes an impressive statement to match Siloam’s impressive work.


A large part of Siloam’s work is made possible by donors and volunteers. Creating collateral and marketing materials that stood out among other health care companies, while also concisely explaining their goals and needs, was crucial. When it came to inviting patients to use their services, a welcoming and inclusive narrative. Each event, program, or fundraiser has its own unique personality, while remaining consistent with Siloam’s overall brand.