Brand Development for a Regional Charter School Innovator.

  • Research & Naming
  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Messaging
  • Website & Promotional Materials
  • Environmental Design

We’ve worked extensively on brand development for charter schools across the country, and perhaps our most involved work has been through our partnership with Valor Collegiate Academies, a mixed-income model school based in Nashville that exists to empower a diverse community to live inspired, purposeful lives. For more than 5 years, Proof has partnered with the growing charter school network on branding and logo design, school naming, website design/development, and an extensive and comprehensive suite of administrative collateral, signage, and marketing materials.

Valor has quickly become a household name in the charter school world, both locally and nationwide. Their unique mixed-income model champions diversity, and the organization is currently making efforts to offer their unique curriculum and approach to other charters around the country. With a clearly defined brand identity and message, Valor has had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of Nashville’s youth, with no signs of slowing down. We’re thrilled to have an ongoing relationship with the Valor team as they continue to grow in reach and impact.

“The Proof team is incredibly responsive, solutions-focused, and are generators of creative ideas who work tirelessly to ensure final products are high-quality and exceed expectations. Proof has a keen eye for detail and knows how to differentiate a brand, artfully highlighting the aspects of an organization that make it it’s own and sharing that with a broader audience. We credit Proof for helping us thread our brand from virtual space to physical space — from our website to design elements within our campuses, our brand is cohesive. We appreciate the relationship we’ve built with Proof over the past 5 years and their high bar of excellence.”


The Valor website was designed and developed with simplicity for the end-user being paramount. The website features impactful visuals and streamlined UX, ensuring current families, prospective families, staff, and donors can quickly and clearly find what they need when they need it, while inviting the community to learn more about the school’s unique curriculum model and approach.


Over the years, our branding work with Valor has extended to iconography and illustration design, marketing materials for enrollment, recruitment, and fundraising, administrative collateral, mascot design, and signage/artwork for the school’s interior, further bolstering the brand’s focus and commitment to excellence.