Brand Development for Vanderbilt University.

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  • Promotional Materials

Since 2012, Proof has partnered extensively with Vanderbilt University and the Owen School of Management. Our work has ranged from brand standards and guidelines for the college, to individual brand development work for several centers and organizations, including The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures, The Financial Market Research Center, The Center for Healthcare Market Innovations, and The Center for Entrepreneurship. As a go-to partner for the University, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the Vanderbilt brand, and have worked on deliverables ranging from logo/visual identity design to web design/development to print and marketing materials.

Through our continued work with Vanderbilt University and the Owen School of Management, we have developed a strong and ongoing relationship with each of the centers and organizations we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with. As the University continues to develop and grow, so does the need for a strong and consistent brand at every touchpoint. We continue to support the University and its network of expertly-led organizations and impactful initiatives.

“The Proof team understands the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in working with organizations in higher education. They were able to effectively distill and define what makes our organization distinctive. They developed a message, aesthetic, and brand that instills confidence and strongly positions us as we work toward our goals of better engaging with students, faculty, and alumni. Everything looks outstanding and supports our organizational goals. You won’t find a better team to collaborate with.”

— Mario Avila, Executive Director at Turner Family Center for Social Ventures


The Center for Entrepreneurship at the Owen Graduate School of Management was created after the generous gift from Jack and Caroline Long in 2016. Their mission is to build and grow a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem conducive to creating new and innovative businesses. The website is a bold and informative destination outlining programs and alumni resources.

The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures is a student-led organization committed to alleviating poverty through market-driven forces and enterprise, providing resources and opportunities to leverage and combine the individual strengths of Vanderbilt University graduate students, faculty, and business partners. The TFC website clearly articulates the organization’s impact and associated curriculum.


Our work with Vanderbilt University has extended in several ways through partnerships with The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures, The Owen Center for Entrepreneurship, The Financial Market Research Center, and the Center for Healthcare Market Innovation. Our work has included everything from curriculum materials to promotional collateral and signage, all of which work harmoniously with the overall brand standards set forth by the University, while giving each center and organization a unique and own-able brand to champion.