The Santa Claus Brand

Earlier on the blog we defined a “brand” as an experience, an emotion, a perception – something that stirs something inside you that encourages you to make a buying decision or take an action.

Who are the best brands out there? Google? Apple? Santa Claus.

That’s right – we think Santa is one of the best brands out there. Globally recognized as much more than a fat man in a red suit, Santa Claus defines an experience and feeling inside all of us. When you think of Santa, your brought back to your childhood, opening presents on Christmas morning – you’re reminded of friends and family, of snowy mornings and warm cookies. See? I’m getting all nostalgic just writing about it.

The folks over at Quietroom have put together one of those “we wish we would’ve thought of it” ideas. Enter the Santa Brand Book.

“Santa is a Concept, not an idea. It’s an Emotion, not a feeling. It’s both Yesterday and Today. And it’s Tomorrow as well. *Santa* winds infinite Possibilities around finite Limitations to evoke the essence of invention and the Odour of Nostalgia. It has the complexity of Simpleness and the Simplicity of complexitiveness. It begins with the Hiss of Power and ends with the Ah of Surprise. *Santa* is.”

For some great (and hilarious) insight, check out the full Santa Brand Book.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from the entire team here at Proof. We’re off to an amazing start and have all of your love and support to thank for it. Cheers!

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