Surprise Comes From Defying Expectations

Surprise comes from defying expectations. Sometimes, we have the negative surprises that come from missing those expectations, but in fact, those negative surprises are part of the process of exceeding them… if you’re not prepared to live with a disappointment, you can’t be in the business of seeking delight.”

I read these words from the ever-poignant Seth Godin last week and it prompted me to look within the walls here at Proof and ask, “What are we doing to surprise and delight our clients?”

Defying expectations takes effort, yes, but not much. Odds are – the unexpected customer service moments you’ve experienced weren’t much – but they were something. Something that defied expectations.

As we’re in constant pursuit of improving our processes here at Proof, we outline our tasks and deliverables that meet expectations – then follow up with touch points that will allow us to deliver something unexpected. Little moments that have a big impact.

Because we know it’s those little moments that turn a reliable customer into a raving fan and brand ambassadors. And if you’re looking to build your business or gain support, the first place to start is by knocking it out of the park with the customers/supporters/fans/followers you already have.

To quote Seth again:

“Effort matters, sure, but mostly surprise comes from caring enough about your audience that you’re willing to fail in your effort to redefine what they expect from you. The vulnerability and intimacy that come from that leap are at the heart of what people talk about.”

What is ONE thing your can do today to deliver something unexpected?

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