We Must Wander.

We must wander.

We must wander, I thought. In the midst of a 10 mile run on a crisp Saturday morning, I had been traveling down an often-traversed path. One of my go-to routes for the past couple years, I passed a road I had never payed attention to and took a sharp turn to the left. Then another turn to the right, then another right…a mile later I was in a place I’d never been.

The running stopped feeling like running. My feet didn’t hurt. My breathing wasn’t strained. I was lost in my music. In my surroundings. I was exploring.

As creatives, we must explore. We must get lost in out work. We must wander. As designers, we lose ourselves to creativity. As project managers, we lose ourselves in experience. As business developers, we lose ourselves in possibility.

When we explore. When we wander. Running becomes something far more interesting, not to mention, enjoyable. When we explore our creativity and possibility, we pursue something far more noble than a logo or a deadline. We make things possible. We ignite something within ourselves that undoubtedly will reflect in the hearts and minds of those who choose to work with us.

Stop working and start learning, growing, trying, igniting, collaborating, and exploring. We must wander.