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We’re a collaborative, creative crew fueled by a passion for our craft and good, strong coffee.

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Matt Cheuvront Matt Cheuvront

Matt Cheuvront

Founder & CEO

As Proof’s Founder & CEO, Matt has worked with hundreds of brands worldwide and focuses on company operations, business development, and leads the strategic and creative direction of projects. He’s also seen that one episode of Saved by the Bell 127 times.


Dave Wilkinson Learn Everyday : Animated Typefaces

Dave Wilkinson

Lead Developer

As Lead Developer, Dave heads up all technical and programming efforts. With more than 20 years of experience, he’s a master at pairing form with function and dominating the PHP dojo, and a master of adding a dash of wit to everything he does.

Patrick Copeland Patrick Copeland

Patrick Copeland

Director of Development

Patrick leads business development and client research, focusing on bringing in new client partnerships and working collaboratively with active clients in researching and building their brands. Also, for the record, Grizzly Adams did have a beard.

Amara Ordonez Amara Ordonez

Amara Ordonez

Account Director

Amara is the primary contact for clients, is always a few steps ahead of everyone else to keep projects moving, and focuses on providing an excellent and collaborative client experience every step of the way. Basically, she’s an all-around badass.

Nick Smith Nick Smith

Nick Smith

Brand Designer

Nick focuses on projects ranging from web design to visual identity and logo development, and brings an important balance of ensuring everything looks great and meets client needs. By 9:20am he’s wondering where we’re going to lunch.

Alexa Games Alexa Games

Alexa Games

Senior Brand Designer

Alexa brings a thoughtful spirit, a love of playing obscure musical instruments, and wide range of creative design experience to our team from illustration to web and UX design, having worked with some of the top brands from around the world.


Kristin Bural Kristin Bural

Kristin Bural

Junior Brand Designer

Kristin brings an unique creative eye to every project – and plays a vital role in supporting and collaborating on all of our projects. With a passion for travel, away from work, you’ll likely find her hopping to a new destination around the globe.

Mihai Olaru

Mihai Olaru


Mihai takes pride and satisfaction in transforming creative designs into functional websites. Self-taught in the matters and mastery of all things web development, when he’s not coding, he’s hiking, biking, and exploring country roads.

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Our Playbook is a transparent and detailed look at Proof’s day-to-day. What we believe, the tools we use, and how we work.




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