Aim for your target.

Sometimes themes emerge in work and related conversations that deserve some special attention. If multiple people in multiple contexts are focusing on the same aspect of their business, it’s worth sitting up and taking notice.

The theme of the hour? …Target Audience.

It seems like a little bit of an obvious conversation, but sometimes – especially among startups and entrepreneurs – it’s actually a very easy thing to neglect. At the beginning stages of something, it’s common to get sucked into the race to revenue. If someone (anyone) is willing to give you money, you’re tempted take it.

BUT, if you have any kind of long-term vision for your business, the “bird in the hand” mentality doesn’t exactly play to your favor. As a company, you have the opportunity to curate – at least to some extent – your customers and clientele, and opening the floodgates is not how to establish that niche you’re excited about.

Why did you start this business? Who do you hope to help? Why is this help needed?

What types of customers and clients make you excited to come to work everyday? You owe it to yourself to put in the hard work to find THOSE people.

In the Brand Landscape questionnaire we send to all new clients, we ask these questions:

Who is your ideal audience? What do they look like? Where do they live? How old are they? Where do they shop, work, and spend free time? What groups do they belong to? Be as detailed as possible.

We ask it this way, because identifying your target market isn’t as simple as saying “single men.” That’s far too broad. And if you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll end up being nothing to no one. When you start narrowing your descriptors, you’ll find that you can learn a lot about your ideal customer or client. You’ll know where to find them, how to talk to them, and the best way to meet their needs. Most importantly, you’ll know how to build something that resonates with them.

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