Beers, Branding, and DCXV Clothing

A few months ago, we wrote this blog post about an awesome experience we had with a new apparel company – DCXV Clothing. We knew immediately that there was something special about this idea, and starting counting the days until Nashville caught on.

Since then, they’ve added even more iconic Nashville designs to their line, opened a store in East Nashville, and been featured in the kickoff issue of Native Magazine (page 43).

And if you don’t know them for their clothes, you’ll surely recognize the I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE murals sprinkled throughout town. DCXV is responsible for those, too.

We love this, because this company isn’t just about selling clothing. DCXV is about building a brand around Nashville. And the more awesome our city gets (and it’s getting pretty awesome), the better the brand does.

So, for all these reasons and more, we’re excited to announce DCXV owner and designer, Adrien Saporiti, as October’s Beers and Branding speaker!

Here are the details:


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