Brand Development: Project Renaissance

Project Renaissance

Over the past six years, we’ve been fortunate to work with many schools in our home base of Nashville. And while we dearly love our city, it’s become all too clear that providing future-based opportunities for all students in every zip code is a problem—out of 80,000+ students, only 17% are receiving a high-quality education. So, when we got wind of an organization poised to change those troubling statistics, we wanted to be part of it.

Project Renaissance is more than an organization—it’s a movementAs a new brand headed up by former Mayor Karl Dean, we took the lead in creating a compelling visual identity that combined modern presence with established authority. Their messaging and copy marries jarring statistics with relatable stories that establish buy-in and drive action toward their mission of empowering parents, hiring great teachers, and doubling the number of high-quality education seats in Nashville.

As they rally local support for big change to our education landscape, we’re privileged to have supported and continue our support for this important and impactful organization. Today, they stand as the foundation beneath developing significantly more future thinkers, dreamers, leaders, and scholars from every background.

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