Bread. Butter. Better.

The best coffee-type drink in Nashville (home of Proof Branding Global HQ) is the hot buttered Americano from Drinkhaus. The not-so-secret ingredient in this Americano? Butter. One small pat of butter and $4 later and you’re in coffee heaven.

Butter makes everything better. Cookies without butter? May as well toss them in the trash. Toast without butter is just warm or burned bread. Butter doesn’t just make some things better, it makes them relevant.

But, butter in the wrong places can kill them. Would you like some butter on your spaghetti? What about a stick of butter to dip in your cereal?

And of course, no one just eats butter by itself. Butter is an extra that takes something over the top or leads to a demise when ill-paired.

Your job? Figure out what kind of butter you can offer and apply when needed to make something the best it can be.

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