Learning the Language of Our Clients.

How do we learn “client language”? Without focusing on a specific niche, how do we become experts with the brands we develop?

These are questions I often get when chatting with a new lead/potential client. And they’re very good ones. I believe we position ourselves as experts through the following:

  • By being selective about the work we take on (which allows us to be more thoughtful and thorough in everything that we do, rather than jumping from project to project). Scaling for us doesn’t mean more, it means better. We’re on the path of growing well, not fast. And as a company that aspires to be small, we champion thoughtfulness in everything we do.
  • By creating with intent, using research and evidence to support our recommendations and creative direction. We make a conscious effort to make sure we’re not just creating “what we think is best”. We commit to the discovery and research process and make sure that everything created supports what’s relevant and proven.
  • By simply taking the time and having the patience to genuinely collaborate with each other.

That last point, maybe, is most important. Working with clients nation-wide, we always take the time to meet face-to-face at every project kickoff. We’re always available to chat and brainstorm throughout the project, and don’t bill hourly so our clients never feel like they’re “on the clock”. We genuinely do care about the work we do, and it shows throughout the process and with the final product.

Learning the language of our clients, getting to know their culture, and being an “extension of their team” is in our DNA. It’s what we do. It’s what we love.

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