Establishing Systems Allows For Creativity.

Work Smarter Proof Branding

What’s one thing that can make your life at work and at home simpler? Is there a process that might streamline your workflow?

As creative professionals, we’re always looking for processes and systems that streamline our day-to-day workflow. When there are set processes in place, it opens up a whole new dynamic to be more creative. Creativity and productivity go hand in hand. If we spend less time worrying about the mundane aspects of web design, logo creation, and collateral, that leaves more time for ideation and time for the real creative juices to flow. A few thoughts:

  • Create systems at the start of each project: By developing universal systems, you not only help the design process, you help the development team to be most accurate and efficient, and you help future designers and team members settle in quicker, making for a low-stress, highly efficient environment.
  • Stop wasting time looking for files. Create a file naming system that works and remains sacred for everyone, every time. Don’t waste precious time looking through scattered folders for that one file you need.
  • Talk amongst the team. We’re all teachers, and having an open dialogue leads to huge triumphs. Step outside your comfort zone and walk a mile in another team members shoes. You might not always know the entire inner workings of every position, but having a good grasp on other roles facilitates a more unified team and gives context to not only the process, but the final product.

By eliminating variables in day to day processes, creativity and production increases. Get out of your own way by setting up structure systems, and don’t be afraid to step in and take the wheel. Clearing your head of the clutter might just lead to your next million dollar idea.

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