Every Designer Should Write.

Every Designer Should Write

Every designer should write. Having the skills to meticulously craft pixel-perfect websites or concept the next generation for packaging design is amazing, but your designs are only as good as how you communicate them, and what they communicate to their audience.

With strong design comes strong communication.

Taking the time to reflect on your clients needs/wishes, and then turning them into a crafty design can be complex. There are many working parts, but communicating effectively the why behind the what can create an “Ah Ha” moment. That’s the goal for all design. We see an opportunity, seize it, and create a memorable experience.

When you write, you learn. Critically looking at designs, and writing why you think a ligature works or how it can be improved, strengths your vocabulary . Constantly seeing new ideas and taking the time to deliberate on the design makes for a strong vocabulary.

Be the professional.

Sometimes it takes a bit of finesse to articulate an abstract design. Not everyone sees the world as designers and a communicable nudge may be in order to lead the way. You see the design as a linear concept of a wave due to the spatial relationship between circular lines, but others may see it as a rotating blob. That’s where vocabulary can save the day, and illuminate a new outlook.

Don’t assume anything.

Color theory, 3D design, life drawing, copywriting, and spatial design can appear greek. So, intentionally lead with basic principals, before diving deep into the why. If everyone is on an even playing field before presenting designs and clearly understands design vocabulary, it helps others to review critically and understand the design clearly.

Next time you see a logo, website, beer can, or rac card that strikes your emotions, write about it. Internal dialogue is always appreciated, and in fact, unavoidable for most designers, but what often falls by the way side is a written analysis of what’s working and what isn’t. Don’t take my written word for it, try it yourself, and see the impact it has on how you communicate with clients.

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