Why Getting Personal Matters

This Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee commercial gets me every time. It’s usually on the radio, and it might be the only commercial I’ve ever turned the radio up to hear.

It’s compelling because it speaks to life. It paints a picture and instantly establishes a connection. Instead of presenting clichés about cost savings or low deductibles, their message is simple: “Every policy tells a story.”

It’s true, right? I want to believe that this company cares about my story. That they care about the quilts my grandmother passed down to me. That to them, I’m more than a number.

As a brand and as a company, this is what it’s all about… Telling a story and letting your customers and your clients be a part of it. 

The beautiful thing is that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a health insurance company. No one really cares to “connect” with a health insurance provider. In fact, most people have found a reason to complain about them. But this commercial isn’t about a health insurance provider. It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about my hometown. It’s about the people, places, and things I love about my state.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has done an outstanding job of demonstrating that good marketing and advertising isn’t about your company, product, or service at all. It’s about what you mean to your audience.

Standing out comes down to being personal. Do your customers know what story they’re a part of? 

(Can’t see the video? Click here.)

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