How Much Does A Branding Agency Cost?

How much does a branding agency cost

“How much does a branding agency cost?” The age old question. It’s Proof’s philosophy that everything is unique to each client’s needs and branding deliverables, keeping in mind that every client is not a carbon copy, so creating “package deals” doesn’t always work. Pricing depends on deliverables needed, scope of services, and intended outcomes for the brand that determines overall value.

1 | Variety of budgets

We understand branding budgets of all sizes. We’ve worked with one-person startups who are fully bootstrapped and are literally scraping pennies together to ensure their brand is rooted with intention and is strong and consistent across all touch points. We’ve also done branding work for Fortune 500 companies that have strong budgets and big goals with their branding and design.

2 | Branding is not a one-size-fits-all process.

It’s also not a pay-for-what-you-get model. By that I mean that regardless of budget, the work we do and are most proud of is the result of an intentional team that is passionate about creating brands that are beautiful, have a great message, and are set up for success both now and in the long term.

3 | Branding allocation guidelines

Branding and marketing is an important line-item to any business budget. Whether you’re a bootstrapping startup, have significant capital, or have been around for 100 years, allocating money and, just as important, time to a branding project is a critical component to the success of any business or organization. The short answer is that you should allocate as much as possible without sacrificing other important line items and budgets.

Typically we see clients allocating approximately 20% of their overall budget toward branding/marketing services, but that number can and does, of course, vary.

As I mentioned, you should also be sure you can invest the time and staff resources needed to see your branding project through from start to finish with confidence. You and your team’s input is paramount to working effectively and efficiently with a branding agency. The most successful projects involve your team’s input and intentionality to being collaborative and creative together.

Reach out to us for advice, questions, hopes, and dreams. We can be your guide and advisor as you’re pondering the next steps for how to great and impactful brand.

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