How Red Bull Breaks Branding Barriers

Once only an energy drink, Red Bull has been breaking down barriers of product limitations, setting their sights on an audience of daredevils. To do this, Red Bull established itself as the lead sponsor of a stunt that broke several world records.

On October 14, Felix Baumgartner jumped from a balloon-borne capsule and free-fell to earth, all in the name of Red Bull Stratos (and science, of course). Falling 128,100 feet for 4 minutes and 20 seconds at 833.9 miles an hour (faster than the speed of sound) Felix Baumgartner broke three different records and attracted more viewers than President Obama’s inauguration.

In a recent article, Co.Create spoke with Red Bull’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz:

Since the company was founded in 1987, it’s built its content creation discipline just as rigorously as it’s built its beverage distribution channels, or any product-related mechanism. It’s become a media company. When Co.Create asked company founder Dietrich Mateschitz earlier this year whether Red Bull was a drinks-maker or a content producer, i.e., whether the athletes and sports ventures supported the selling of beverages or the other way around, the answer was, in essence. “yes.” “This is not either or,” said Mateschitz. “It is both ways, the brand is supporting the sports and culture community, as well as the other way round.’

Mateschitz understands the relationship his company has with the community and the culture it has cultivated. You wouldn’t be able to support one with out the other. Not only does Red Bull provide its audience the energy to be adventure-seekers, but they’re also creating events that are outlets for daredevil ambitions.

Red Bull seems to be more of a marketing company than anything else. Yeah, they have energy drinks, and yeah, they have their hand in sports and adventure media, but what makes it all go round? Their crazy and risky marketing efforts. From seeing the Wiings team driving around in their mini coopers to watching mechanic geniuses attempt to fly homemade human-powered machines in Red Bull Flugtag, we are all a part of their marketing efforts, and in fact, creating the brand and community of Red Bull.

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