I Want to Quit.

Don't Quit

I read an article with the same title as this one over a year ago that has stuck with me ever since. This, in particular, stood out to me as an entrepreneur and business owner:

“I want to quit for most of the same reasons that you do. Because we’re all struggling to make it in a world that often doesn’t listen, waiting for the right hand, or the right moment to play the wrong one. We’re all worried we don’t match up to the ideals and heroes we’ve set ourselves, and there’s a thousand things we’d rather fucking be doing.”

Not only as a business owner, as a creative professional, as a leader, as a colleague, as a writer, as a friend, and as a frickin’ human being, the urge to pack things up and say “to hell with it!” is always there. It’s easier to quit. Sometimes it feels right to quit. Sometimes it feels necessary.

It’s a natural thing to feel the urge to give up, walk away, and move on. But it takes more courage and creativity to keep going. It’s this ideal that motivates me – as well as my team. When things get tough. When things get really hard and when it would be a heck of a lot easier to call it a day, we keep pushing, we keep trying, we keep tinkering, and we keep moving forward. It’s this perseverance and determination that sets us apart both as individuals and as a collective creative unit.

When we’re searching for that motivation, I encourage my team to think about the people that we work with. Not the company. Not the project. The people. The person on the other side of the table and on the other end of the phone. We think about their passion, their drive, and their motivation. We remind ourselves that the work we do helps them do what they do even better. That’s the fuel we need to keep going when it’d be easier to quit.

I want to quit. Chances are, you do too. But you don’t, and we don’t, because we’re motivated and passionate about our craft. Reminding ourselves why we do what we do is an intentional, continuous process. And when the going gets tough, we’ll reset and refresh our perspective and remind ourselves that, because we love what we do, refusing to quit is always, always worth it.

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