If You Lead Them


We’ve been working on literally “taking the lead” on how we approach projects, communication, and collaboration. While our goal isn’t to squash collaborative efforts or reject feedback, through proactive leadership, we build momentum, move forward with confidence, and, ultimately, come to a more definitive and successful end result in less time.

For example, when you ask clients questions about what they’re looking for in a logo, the functionality of a website, a campaign strategy, etc., they very naturally may answer you with a blank stare. But if you take the lead and guide them, you have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.

It’s trying, “You mentioned you envisioned X. Take a look at the following examples. Do any of these incorporate what you had in mind?”

Instead of, “So, you envision X. Can you expand on that?”

As a branding agency, we’re hired to brand. We’re hired to think. We’re hired to come up with creative solutions. We’re hired to be the expert.

That means as designers, writers, strategists, and developers, we must be proactive – not reactive – in the work we do. Our ingenuity and expertise, paired with our client’s vision and goals, is what gets us sprinting with confidence across the finish line.

This same direct, proactive decision making process can (and probably should) be applied to whatever it is you do.

Lead first. Refine later. Finish stronger (and perhaps quicker).

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