This was one of the words a client came up with recently as we worked together to articulate and clarify their brand’s identity. Paired with other words like simple, intentional, and equipping, this word obviously stood out.

When it was said, I¬†admittedly¬†scoffed a bit and thought it was pretty dramatic – pretty lofty – and that we needed to work on “grounding” it a bit.

But as I thought about it I realized it just might be the perfect way to identify the brand. I realized that it’s not my place, or anyone’s place, to hold someone back from having bold, purpose-driven goals for their business.

Changing lives, having an impact, making a difference. In our own way, however that may be, we all want our businesses – our organizations – our brands – to have this kind of bold impact.

You don’t start a business or build up a nonprofit without first identifying a need. Asking “why?”. It’s easy to lose track of they why when you start thinking about expenses and revenues and the overall bottom line.

Today, remember why. The greatest gift you have is the ability to share that gift – those gifts – with others.

How are you making a difference? What’s your impact? What are you giving life to?

We’d be a lot better off if instead of scoffing at our bold ideas, we embraced them at let them thrive.

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