Love Makes My Job Easier.


As we started our very first session at my very first Vision Quest retreat, we all went around and described our “perfect client.”

We talked about clients that are ready to dive in and stay communicative throughout the process. Then we discussed clients that teach us things we don’t already know, like working with BlueBay Automation: Yes, now I (kind of) know what a servo system is. We also talked about clients that are just getting started, so we get to be there with them from the very beginning.

The perfect client for a copywriter

When it was my turn, we talked about how my perfect client is someone who loves what they do. These clients light up when they describe what they do and why it’s important. It’s just the best.

As a content strategist and copywriter, my number one goal is to get to the love. Why does this thing matter and why do we love it? Why will people see it, hear it, think about it and have an emotional reaction? That’s the good stuff.

How do you define the love?

Sometimes work feels more like, well, work, than love, but if you’re reading this, chances are you at least feel like what you do is important. That’s the nugget you need to dig into.

It reminds me of a “But really” exercise I read about in an article from The Muse a couple years ago.

When asked what you do, you instinctively say your title and maybe a few words about what that means. But there’s more to it than that. There’s a “but really.” As a content strategist, I create a strategy and content to reach the most people and tell them about your company, but really, my job is to find the love.

People that love what they do make this part really easy. More often than not, the reason you think it’s important your company exists, is the same reason other people will love you. The faster we can define this, the more time we can spend finessing it, expanding on it, and testing different tones in articulating it for your audience.

It’s a simple truth that doesn’t always seem overt in our world: People just want to see the goodness. They just want to see the love. When you already feel the love, it’s so much easier to spread it.

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