Why I Love Working At A Small Company.

Proof Branding

Small companies are my jam. I have worked for large, midsize and small companies, but the small ones are where I feel the biggest opportunities for growth. I could spend all day going through my whole list of reasons why I love working for a small company, but “community” tops the list.

More quality time

When your team is small, you can invest in the people. At Proof, we encourage each other to dive deeper. We spend quality time getting to know each other outside of work. We grab drinks or go to lunch with a co-worker and avoid talking about work-related things.

More collaboration

It’s also easier to collaborate when you know your co-workers on a more personal level. This helps especially when you’re grabbling over creative direction for a project. You might not see eye-to-eye, but you know each other well enough to figure out where the other is coming from. This can lead to an even more creative solution than either of you would have come up with on your own. Your team is there to lift you up, encourage you to be better and strive to create greatness.

Great for clients

Not only is a small team great for each employee, it is great for clients. They get to meet the whole team on a lot of the projects. They get to speak directly to the person that created the product for them. Which, in turn, gives us the chance to explain the “why” behind the “what.” It is like letting the clients into our family that we have created at Proof.

With a small team, you get pushed out of your comfort zone into the learning zone, and you never stop getting better. There isn’t a labyrinth of departments to hide behind, so you put your whole self into the work. You feel responsibility and you feel bottomline, but you also feel connected to others on your team. Together you collaborate to create the best product possible, and get the job done.

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