The Best Week for Beer in Nashville

We had the distinct pleasure of partnering up with the fine folks at Rhizome Productions on branding this year’s Nashville Craft Beer Week.

Of course, one of the highlights for us here at Proof was leading the first-ever East Nashville Home Brew Tour. Best Saturday workday ever.

From Double IPAs to Popcorn Cream Ales (yes, you read that correctly) we journeyed through the East side with 20 adventurous beer enthusiasts and sampled some of Nashville’s finest home brews.

It was anything but amateur hour and it only furthered our love of the local craft community. We’re grateful for our friends at Rhizome for organizing such an awesome week – and to all of the home brewers who welcomed us into their homes with open arms, we raise our glass!

Our most frequently asked question: “When’s the next one?”

We’re on it.

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