Nest: The Coolest Thermostat Ever

It’s something we use every day without really thinking twice. It keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and as long as it works, we don’t question it’s¬†efficiency, it’s functionality, and especially whether or not it’s “cool”.

Enter Nest: The Learning Thermometer that works well, saves you money, and looks way cooler than any thermostat I’ve ever seen.

Nest, which will begin shipping in late November, is proving that sometimes, reinventing the wheel does work.

As individuals and businesses, we’re caught up in a culture that demands “new”, but Nest is proving the value in taking an existing product and focusing on how to not only make it better, but make it the best.

How? By focusing on the benefits the product will provide:

  • Energy¬†efficient Which means less out-of-pocket money when the energy bill comes each month.
  • Tech-savvy: Control your thermostat via iPhone/mobile device.
  • Aesthetic: It looks a helluva lot cooler than any standard thermostat.
  • Personal: Nest wants you to feel proud to own their thermostat, and feel good knowing that the energy you save will have a positive impact on the world.

The result? A final product that works well, looks great, and turns an ordinary mundane task into something that is, dare I say, fun? I’m sold.

It just goes to show that the next great idea may be right under your nose, or in this case, hanging on the wall in the dining room.

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