Proof Welcomes Blake Stratton

Blake Stratton

2014 has been an outstanding year for us at Proof. We’ve partnered with great clients on challenging and exciting projects and have grown personally, professionally, (and literally) as a team. As the holidays approach and 2015 looms, we’ve set our sights on the possibility for the future and what lies ahead.

Enter stage left Mr. Blake Stratton – the newest addition to our crew of merry branders, designers, writers, thinkers, and hustlers. Blake hails from the Chicagoland region (and still wears his circa 1995 Michael Jordan jersey). Blake’s a musician (read: bad-ass) who’s spent much of the last decade traveling the US highway system, stopping off to play good tunes and enjoy free beer.

He’s also a coffee snob (which means he fits right into our espresso-obsessed culture) and has five different manual coffee brewing options at home.

Blake has a knack for seeking out possibility and seeing opportunity in obstacles. He’ll lead us in developing quality business opportunities and creative projects on our continued journey toward doing meaningful work for the best brands locally and around the country. In Blake’s own words:

“What’s special to me about Proof is that we’re a team of big thinkers with personal sensibilities. I love that I’m a part of a team that celebrates quality work – both our own and in appreciating the work of others. I’m excited about my role because I get to spread the power of story to folks who lead their businesses with passion. I get to discover what our clients’ dreams are and help bring those dreams to reality.”

And if you see Blake talking in the car, he’s not on the phone, he’s free-styling to this. Bonus, it only took Blake 2 days to send me a “Coolio” GIF. I’d say we’re in good hands.

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