Speaking Volumes Without Words

“The Noun Project is a platform empowering the community to build a global visual language that everyone can understand.”

I have a question for you: How do you say a lot without saying a lot? 

This is a question we pose for our clients – and one that I often ask myself. With Instagram, Pinterest, and the ever-increasing volume of online video – we’re living in a visual world where the power of the written word is being replaced with a well executed visual representation that speaks volumes.

This is why I love (LOVE) what The Noun Project has done and continues to do. The Noun Project offers royalty-free icons for personal and professional use. They’re simple. Simple in a sexy kind of way.

They understand that “visual communication” is powerful. And they understand that, through the use of symbols and imagery, we’re able to create a language that is understood globally – or as the folks at TNP say, “a social language that unites the world”.

Today I pose a five-step challenge for you:

  1. Take a look at the home page of your current website.
  2. Identify the top three things you’re asking people to do when they land there.
  3. Note how many words you’re using to get your primary message(s) across.
  4. Think about how you can cut that number in half – or eliminate the use of words entirely, replacing text with a symbol, an image, or a video.
  5. Breath a sigh of relief at your new, less cluttered website. You’re welcome.

Like the Noun Project, our team here at Proof works to distill brand’s down to their most simple, and profound, core. Working to develop an often unspoken, visually captivating message that speaks louder than words.

And so I turn the question back to you: How can you say a lot without saying a lot?

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