Wait, Why?

So, working at Proof pretty much rocks. I can say this because I have held variety of positions in a variety of industries and have a great appreciation for an open workplace where the boss has a clear vision and doesn’t pretend to know everything. No, really. One full day each month we set client work aside to work on us – to work on Proof. A little something we call “Vision Day”. Why? Because we want to be better for our clients, our community, the people we love, and ourselves.

We set the intention for the day by creating a theme and all have a hand in shaping what the day looks like and what’s accomplished. I pretty much cheese out and love every second of this. (Duh, I am the yogi in the bunch so looking inward to be that much better for the outside’s like, you know, my thing.)

But my favorite part is the end of the day we get out and do something experiential. This month we ended the day at Nashville’s own chocolate factory – Olive + Sinclair. If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory this place is it – or pretty frickin’ close if you swap the oompa loompas for hipsters.

The chocolate is second to none and samples are endless, but the best part is that your taste buds are not the ones having all the fun. Olive + Sinclair’s brand welcomes you into its story from the moment you walk through the door. Our fabulous tour guide, Hailey, shared their story, from how the beans are picked to the intentional process through which every bar is crafted. She shared the story of the owner, Scott, who was on the path to becoming a chef in a restaurant and, like so many of us, had a moment of, “Wait, why?”

The most beautiful thing in the world is when we open up to the possibility of the “wait, why?” and follow it. When we do, crazy, rad things happen – sometimes you get a new website, sometimes you tell a new story, and sometimes you get insanely delicious chocolate.

The world’s a lot better – and maybe a little sweeter, when we pause for “why”.

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